...a coworker gave me a ride home because the two-mile walk to metro involved scaling snowbanks like Mario. (Pro tip: piling snow from the roads onto sidewalks is not the answer, municipal overlords.) During the drive, a conversation about our favorite mashup albums took an unexpected turn when coworker mentioned that there were "conspiracy theories on the Internet" about how two members of One Direction were secretly dating, and that "teenage girls look for secret signs of this in their songs and videos and write slash fiction about it."

"It's a creative outlet," I said.

To which Coworker replied, "Oh yeah, it's great. In fact, there's even this thing called 'Yuletide' where literally thousands of people get together from all over the Internet and make lists of books and shows--big stuff like Harry Potter to the most random niche movie you can think of--and stuff they like, and then they all write stories for each other..." and continued to give me a largely accurate summary of Yuletide for the next few minutes, during which I ticked off what he had right and what he slightly funhouse-mirrored.

For background, Coworker is an Ivy league-educated PhD who does hard sciences. And he knows about Yuletide and is just tickled by it.

Sometimes, life puts me smack in the center of a joke we can all be in on, and it's great.



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