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I read more books than is probably good for me.

This journal is likely to contain (in no particular order) rambling about books, fanfic, language learning, tarot, and music. I can be deeply precise about why I hate things, but things I love reduce me to inarticulate squeeage.

Interests (50):

avatar: the last airbender, blake, death note, fanfiction, farscape, fullmetal alchemist, gensosuikoden, harry potter & the deathly hallows never happened, injection, japanese, jonathan strange & mr norrell, korean, manga, manhwa, megan whalen turner, mushishi, my future bride sugiura shiho, naono bohra, onmyoji, planetes, promethea, saiyuki, sandman, severus snape, shuten unknown, silver diamond, takemitsu zamurai, tarot, temeraire, the goblin emperor, the ice cold demon's tale, the king and the clown, the lord of the rings, the magicians, the song of achilles, the watchmaker of filigree street, transmetropolitan, yaoi, こお 秋月, 久保 帯人, 大長今, 峰倉 かずや, 杉浦 志保, 櫻井 しゅしゅしゅ, 直野 儚羅, 荒川 弘, 高嶋 上総, 이산-정조대왕, 천계영, 커피프린스 1호점
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