...and enjoyed it tremendously, which I was not expecting. It is a consistently entertaining movie. Peter Parker is amusing without being smarmy and the script wisely chooses to develop an antagonist versus a villain. One scene in particular took me by complete surprise and was nail-bitingly tense in the best of ways. Also, Donald Glover.

But really, they had me in an early scene when Peter is heading into high school to Spoon's "The Underdog," and I kept waiting for the chorus to kick in and it never did. Such a wonderful little wink to the audience.

Ironically for a movie about a spandex-clad high school student who shoots webs out of his arms and fights crime, it was the arrival of the "DC Metro Police" during a scene at the Washington Monument that catapulted me right out of the movie: No! Wrong! US Park Police have jurisdiction downtown! MPD can't do anything there!

The other was the movie's set-up, in which Tony Stark uses his power and influence to take control of post-Avengers alien invasion clean up from an earnest, blue collar, everyman Joe via a horde of wooden bureaucratic proxies. Just, no. That's not how government contracting works. If someone like Toomes got the job, that means it was probably a small business set aside, and not even a corporation with Stark's power and influence could ever hope to wrest that away from them.

That grousing aside, though, it was still a damn good movie.

...was so good. So very, very good. And now I want All The Fic for so many of these characters, because it's going to be a long wait until the next one.



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