Am just back from day two of Awesome Con, which has absolutely lived up to its name. More on this tomorrow. In the meantime, have a song.

17 - a song that you would sing as a duet on karaoke
  Roxette – Dangerous
  I've done The Look but for some reason the Japanese karaoke boxes never had this one, even though they should have.

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Ahahaha .. Roxette!!! *holds head in hands* - My sister used to drive me nuts with them ... she played all the songs all the time (and sing along. I don't have anything against anyone having a blast of and on ... but when we shared a room ...) ... sadly I only cringe now when I hear them. And The Look ... especially.

Ohhh and I am glad you had a great time ... have been looking at pictures of the event here and there on the net. I'll look forward to what you went for and what you saw.

Awesome stuff!


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