16 - one of your favourite classical songs
  Paddy Glackin & Michael O Domhnaill - Elizabeth Kelly's Delight
  I love slip jigs the best of all forms of traditional Irish music, and I love Elizabeth Kelly's Delight the best of all slip jigs. It was the first tune I taught myself to play by ear because at 12 years old all I had was a cassette tape of The Chieftains' 8, with no liner notes, that merely called this "The Session" and lumped it in with two other tunes, and I thought it was all one thing and could find nothing like it in any of my sheet music books BUT I WAS GOING TO PLAY THIS TUNE MYSELF NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK.

And I love this rendition of Elizabeth Kelly's Delight the best of all versions. Fifteen years ago I went into a used record store recommended by a coworker as having "a lot of Celtic stuff" and asked to be shown their Irish music section. All the place had was this CD. The owner put it on the stereo for me and I bought it 10 seconds in. When I took it home and discovered at the minute twenty-six mark that there's a double jig version of Elizabeth Kelly's too? MIND. BLOWN.



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