Dear Worldbuilder – Thank you for writing a fic for me! I can't wait to read it. In terms of content, I like the entire spectrum from gen to porny and humor, angst, slice of life, drama, epic novel, so feel free to write as your muse inspires you. If you'd like some initial ideas, these are the questions that intrigue me about each prompt:

The Goblin Emperor
Worldbuilding: Succession Laws – At the start of the novel, the Ethuveraz court, Setheris, and Maia all take as a given that Maia is emperor after the airship crash wipes out the royal family. Is this spelled out formally in law, or by an emperor (i.e. “should the fifth in line perish, I name XYZ as the next emperor”) or was Maia it because he was the only remaining son and they had to find someone? How old are the traditions around succession to the throne, how have they changed over the Elfland's history, and are they on Maia's shortlist of customs that need revision?

Worldbuilding: Yellow- and Blue-Backed Novels: What is their readership? Are there regional variations? Tropes people love (or find tiresome)? We know printing presses exist; are the Elflands moving toward a system of intellectual property ownership? We also know the court is concerned about satires. Has it ever attempted to censor authors of these novels? How did that turn out? Similarly, where does society draw the line over what simply cannot be put into words, and what happens when authors try to push those boundaries?

Worldbuilding: Witnesses for the Dead – What sorts of training must they undergo? Is it something an individual can learn, or a skill one is born with (like the mazei)? If the latter, is a typical elf pleased to have it or fearful of it? What happens if one has it but does not chose to become a witness; does it wither away or can the dead impose themselves on the elf? Are their rogue or shamanistic witnesses who aren't affiliated with the temple system? If so, how does society view them?

Worldbuilding: Suppression of the Cult of Chevarimai – What do the cult's sacred texts say? What are their rites like? Who is drawn to them and have any supporters gone underground. Are there more folk (vice extremist) expressions of the cult? What do the gods think about it? Does it have cognates in other civilizations?

Worldbuilding: Marneise Bathhouses – How is one introduced to one of these establishements, and are they truly underground or does society wink and pretend they don't exist? Are there ever raids? Extortion rackets? Who frequents them, and how (do?) the clientele divide along class, economic, or regional lines?

Worldbuilding: Lion Girls and Other Animal People – Are they closer to the “animal” or “people” side of the equation? What sorts of tales are told about them and how do they differ from the reality? When did the Elflands first become aware of their existence? What does Ethuveraz culture look like to a Lion Girl?

Worldbuilding: Nohecharei – How do candidates prepare to become nohecharis? Is it a coveted position or are individuals appointed to the role despite their personal feelings on the matter? Do soldier and mazei candidates train together before their appointments and if so, what does that entail? How widely is Kiru's appointment as nohecharo known throughout the Elflands, and does it open up a new wellspring of female aspirants? If so, what do their families think?

Worldbuilding: Ancient History – What existed before the Elflands? How involved were the gods in the lives of elves in olden times? What stories do the elves tell themselves about the creation of the world, and of the elvish race? Are there explorers and archeologists studying ancient history in Maia's time? If so, what are their discoveries and theories about earlier ages?

Characters – I love all the characters, so feel free to include as many as you like, create your own, or both!

Captive Prince Series
Worldbuilding: Upset Kyroi – How is peace generally kept between the Kyroi, and how are disputes settled? How does the ruling family keep them in line, and what happens when they aren't capable of doing so? What avenues do the Kyroi have to voice decent, and how much attenion do the rulers have to pay them? How old is this system, what if anything preceded it, and how might Our Heroes see fit to change it following the series' conclusion.

Worldbuilding: Unification – Do Damen and Laurent attempt it? Are the in agreement that they should or should not? What are the biggest challenges? How do the everyday citizens of Akelios and Vere feel about it? Do feelings differ among city dwellers, the rural populace, or the borderlands were territory exchanged hands more frequently? What do the surrounding nations feel about it?

Worldbuilding: What Will the Neighbours Think? – About being the first Akelion family in the area to forego slavery? Before, during, or after the series, what motivated families to offer their children up as slaves? Was it deemed an honor or an economic necessity? How aware were parents of the institution's realities? More broadly, what happens when an Akelion or Veretian family moves in next door?

Worldbuilding: Dealing with the Veretian Council – When was it created, and why? What system preceded it? Does Laurent have grand designs for it following the series' conclusion? How do various courtiers, pets, and others at court attempt to curry favor with individual councillors, and what safeguards are in place to try to stop them?

Characters – I'd love to see Laurent and Damen reflecting on or educating each other about any of the questions above. If you'd like to incorporate additional characters, feel free!

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Worldbuilding: Politics – I'm particularly interested in the politics of Asgardian intervention in Midgard. What are the conditions under which Odin sees fit to undertake or permit it? Do Asgard's common people generally approve? How does any of this change after the formation of the Avengers, or the events of Civil War? Speaking of, how does humanity writ large continue to grapple with the Avengers' existence? For instance, we see some pretty neat technology at the end of Civil War to heal paralysis; how do regular people react to knowing these technologies exist, but that they'll probably never have access to them?

Worldbuilding: Relationship between magic and science – How much cross pollination is there between Earth and Asgard (or any of the other Nine Realms, or the Mirror Dimension, or...)? Which direction does it typically flow? Does technology and/or magic backfire when imported into a world where it isn't the predominant force? So far we've seen the Jotuns, SHIELD, the Kree, and Loki meld science and an infinity stone in one form or another. How easy or intuitive is this to do? How much trial and error is there, and what are the stakes if something goes wrong?

Worldbuilding: Unseen and Unexpected Connections – Dear Author, this is your chance to run wild! If you'd like, please write me something unexpected about a heretofore unseen connection.

Worldbuilding: Origins and Background – Loki's parents in Jotunheim, Loki and Thor's childhood – particularly what they're told (or not) about the war between Asgard and Jotunheim, anything along these lines would be lovely.

Characters – I am fascinated by the dynamic between Loki and Thor, and the tension between the bonds they still share and the resentment and obliviousness to its causes on their respective parts. Anything that examines this within the context of the prompts above would be lovely.



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