My dark secret is out: I participate in AO3 fests because it means that for the effort of writing a few highly notional prompts, the insanely talented authors in TGE fandom will turn them into ace fanfics. For WBX, I received three. THREE.

Title: Child of Ulis by Island of Reil
Fandom: The Goblin Emperor
Summary: “Thara, what on earth wert doing?” his tutor demanded.
“The man spoke to me,” Thara replied.
“What man?” she snapped.
“The dead one.”
&c. An absolutely stunning fic about Thara, and Witnesses for the Dead, and how the first became the second. The tone, the worldbuilding, the way Island of Reil creates and incorporates so much into such a tightly plotted's just phenomenal. There needs to be more Celehar fic, especially if it's as good as this. Rated M, 7924 words.

Title: Policies of the Dynasty by Prinzenhasserin
Fandom: The Goblin Emperor
Summary: It was more than unusual to have a solid chain of succession one day, and a succession crisis to deal with the next day. Luckily, there are contingencies in place.
&c. Long-suffering public servants are a particular kink of mine, and Prinzenhasserin has written a great one here. There's a great deal of thought here about how precisely Maia became emperor, and some lovely nuances I won't mention here to avoid spoiling them. Rated G, 2738 words.

Title: Periwinkle, Daffodil by DachOsmin
Fandom: The Goblin Emperor
Summary: Being a (highly subjective) list of the best blue and yellow backed novels of the year. Comments of both enthusiastic approval and vehement disagreement may be sent to 742 Copper Street, Cetho’s Fifth District.
&c. This fic is ridiculously clever and a joy to read. See if you can spot all the references to RL literary canon, TGE canon, TGE fanon, and all the other lovely Easter eggs. I want to read everything this reviewer's written. Rated Teen+, 2487 words.

I also wrote a fic myself:

Title: From Birth
Fandom: MCU
Summary: Who we are is decided by our parents. What we become is decided by how we love.
&c. Frigga and Loki, rated G, T:TDW compliant, 3041 words.

...there were three Goblin Emperor fics, all of them really good, and all of them written for me.

I kinda feel like I won The World today.

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( Jan. 30th, 2017 09:42 pm)
Dear Worldbuilder – Thank you for writing a fic for me! I can't wait to read it. In terms of content, I like the entire spectrum from gen to porny and humor, angst, slice of life, drama, epic novel, so feel free to write as your muse inspires you. If you'd like some initial ideas, these are the questions that intrigue me about each prompt:

The Goblin Emperor )

Captive Prince Series )

Marvel Cinematic Universe )



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