Dear Fic Mountaineer, thank you so much for writing a story for me! I'm thrilled to be getting something in any one of these fandoms, and aside from a small list of DNWs am very easy to please. I like everything from gen slice-of-life to explicit PWP. I've included a list of overarching kinks should you be interested and some ideas for each request below, should you be interested, but if you have an idea of your own feel free to run with it.

DNWs: Guro, heavy duty AU, mpreg, rape, watersports

Kinks: Angst, banter, camaraderie, characters fighting/transgressing social mores, competence kink, comedy of manners, drama, established relationships, history, humor, hurt/comfort, language geekery, misunderstandings and the fallout therefrom, period details, politics, reconciliation

Blake & Avery Series
Jeremiah Blake/William Avery

The dance of joy and happiness I danced when I saw this pairing was a sight to behold. These two have eaten my brain for well over a year now; they are the pairing my fandom mind has constantly returned to when in its resting state. And there is at least one other fan out there! I adore their dynamic--Blake outwardly aloof and cynical but inwardly so eager for companionship, and Avery so desperate to please and not half as incapable as he seems to think he is--and would love to read your take on it at any point from the first book on. Some ideas:
- Who began pining for whom first and how did he win the other over? Or if he hasn't, how does he plan to? I have serious THOUGHTS on this but would love to get your take.
- One of them is sent for [reasons of your choosing] to [India/China/America/location of your choosing]. How do they reunite, and why does the other tell himself he's following?
- Blake must travel to Devon to help Avery sort our a problem.
- What stories did Blake tell Avery during their flight toward the end of The Strangler Vine. How do they feature in Avery's private fantasies?

If you're setting your story from The Infidel Stain on, I would prefer that Helen not be made to suffer if they consummate a relationship with each other; how you handle that is up to you.

Silver Diamond
Senro Chigusa/Sawa Rakan

These two are, and will forever be, my Silver Diamond OTP. I adore Chigusa's utter devotion, Rakan's humanizing influence, and the way the love between them is woven throughout the series. I am fine if your story continues in this vein, but if you'd like to make things more explicit between them there'll be no complaint from this quarter! Fic set anywhere in the series is dandy; here are some ideas:
- Chigusa uses the mirror vine or the massive ladder vine to get some private time with Rakan. What do they talk about, and what happens next?
- What happens after Chigusa wraps up his shift at the cafe?
- Is Rakan ever jealous of Chigusa's interactions with another character? How does that play out between them?
- Rakan watches another scary movie. Chigusa is on hand to provide comfort.

Vampire Chronicles
Armand, Louis de Pointe du Lac

I will confess a preference here for Armand and Louis as they are written in Interview with the Vampire before Rice rebooted her characters. Therefore, any fic from their pov(s) that "corrects the record" of Lestat's later books is a particular kink of mine in this fandom. That said, please don't feel bound to this if you'd prefer to write them in accordance with later novels.
- What was Armand feeling when he walks away from Louis at the end of Interview? How does he feel when they are reunited?
- How does Louis (or Armand, if you like) feel about the changes New Orleans has undergone since the dawn of the 21st century?
- Because I'm a sucker for humor and snark: Their thoughts on the Twilight series, please.

Gen with these two is great, but I also ship them so if you'd like to go that route, lovely.

And once again, thank you for writing for me! I can't wait to read it.


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