Seeing as you drew my name in the assignments you're probably wondering, Who is this person and what sorts of fic do they like? The good news is, fear not! Aside from my few DNWs below, I like pretty much everything and am happy with fic set anywhere before, during, or after canon. Moreover, I enjoy reading fanfiction without knowing much about the story before I start. I've listed some prompts below, but feel free to write something that has nothing to do with them if you've got a great plot bunny of your own. Also, any additional characters you'd like to include beyond those listed in the tags are a-okay by me.

Likes: Adroitly resolving problems, angst, any rating, gen to PWP; banter, camaraderie, character interaction, characters fighting/transgressing social mores, competence kink, comedy of manners, drama, established relationships, found families, history, humor, hurt/comfort, language geekery, misunderstandings and the fallout therefrom, period details, politics, political maneuvering, and strategy; slice of life, worldbuilding

Dislikes: Eroticized rape, heavy duty AU (e.g. genderswap, high school, space travel), mpreg

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