I saw Wonder Woman today. It is as good as everyone says it is. You could have been first out the gate with a female superhero movie, Marvel, but you're gonna have a hell of a time catching up now.

Also, here are two songs.

10 - a song that makes you sad
  Polica - Wandering Star
  The 2013 iTunes Festival recording is the definitive version for me in terms of lyrics and delivery, but the album cut is damn good too.

11 - a song that you never get tired of
  PJ Harvey - Yuri-G
  As far as Clearchannel and MTV were concerned, "women in rock" was Sarah McLaughlin and Jewel and Lisa Loeb, and I wanted no part of it. Then I came across a reference to Harvey's "axe-wielding bitch cow" quote in a magazine and bought her album without having heard a song, and it changed everything.

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From: [personal profile] i_am_zan

I guess it shouldn't surprise you that I have that Polly Jean album ^_^

On the other hand I haven't heard or Polica but ooh the music - is tunefully reminiscent of Dead Can Dance and I quite like the video too!

As always thank you for sharing.

and ugh... we do want to watch Wonder Woman (so, so many good things about it, my favourite idea of course being me is not Gal Godot herself but the idea that Robin Wright, my other favourite Princess is has blossomed so amazingly!)

... but ... but ... cries ;_; no timeeeeeee!


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