Dear Author, thank you for writing for me! So many of my favorite fandoms appeared in the tagset for this exchange. I can't wait to see which one you choose.

My few DNWs (unless otherwise noted in the prompt) are character death, eroticized rape, guro, heavy-duty AU, mpreg.

My kinks are myriad. I like the full spectrum from angst and hurt/comfort to humor and slice-of-life. I love reconciliation and two characters realising how they've misunderstood each other's intentions this entire time. Social mores and their subversion (conscious or otherwise) are a huge thing for me. Banter and bickering-as-flirting are also gold as far as I'm concerned.

I've set out some ideas for each prompt below. Feel free to use any that strike your fancy or write a completely unrelated story if you've got something in mind.

Blake & Avery Series - MJ Carter
Jeremiah Blake/William Avery
Obsession with this series has enveloped my fandom life for over a year now. I don't think Carter intends their interactions to be slashy, but to this reader's eye, they are, and in all the ways I love. I very much want this fandom to be bigger (ie, exist) so I will be thrilled with any story involving these two. If you'd like some ideas to get you started:
- Avery's nightmares are still troubling him. What does he tell Blake about them, and what has Blake already figured out? How does Blake help Avery to deal with them?
- Blake gets on the ship to America. Does Avery follow (and if so, when and why)?
- Blake has a run-in with Avery's father. How does it happen, and what is the result?
* My one request is that you don't give Helen a bum deal as a result of these two pairing up.

Abe no Seimei/Minamoto no Hiromasa
I've read the novels and the manga, but as far as I'm concerned the films are the definitive version of this series and I'm always thrilled to see them appear in a tagset. I sound like a broken record in my requests, but I love Semei's wry worldliness and Hiromasa's bemused dependability, so anything you write with these elements will do it for me. Having said that, some specific jumping-off points might be:
- Seimei is asked to perform an important rite in the Inner Palace. Why were higher-ranking onmyoji passed over, and what is the result?
- Hiromasa is tapped to take an imperial message to an important shrine or temple. But once his retinue leaves the Heiankyo city gates, something goes awry. Does Seimei step in to help, or does the trouble involve him?
- An jealous onmyoji journeys to the capital to challenge Seimei, and only Hiromasa can save him. How does it happen?

Samurai Flamenco
Gotou Hidenori/Hazama Masayoshi
I don't understand why this fandom and this pairing aren't bigger. I love Hazama's naivete and passion for making humanity Do Good!, and Gotou's steadiness and devotion. These two were made for each other, and I would love to read about their further adventures. Some prompts:
- Hazama opens school for aspiring superheros and tries to hire Gotou as an advisor.
- Some time has passed since the events of the series. Hazuma's popularity with fans of his good deeds and modeling career only continue to grow. Gotou becomes his personal security guard, one thing leads to another, and...?
- And the perennial favorite: Hazuma tries proposing again. What makes him do it and what happens this time around?

Gentlemen Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch
Locke Lamora/Jean Tannen
I've only read the first book and it's no secret that it disagreed with me. There was such an intriguing world and premise, but I spent the entire novel waiting for Locke to realise that his thieving and killing and ruining lives feels just as horrible to his victims as it does to him when he's on the receiving end of it, and he never did. Author, please correct this here.

My guro and noncon DNWs are not in force for this story. Basically, I want Locke to get raked over the coals here, so mess him up, mess Jean up, do what ever you like until Locke has that epiphany. Let your baser nature be your guide. Bonus points if Jean gets it bad and still manages to come to the rescue. Bonus bonus points if they get schmoopy about it afterward.

World Wrestling Entertainment
Antonio Cesaro/Sheamus
These two. Oh my goodness, these two. The bar brawls. The promos. The matching utilikilts. The Celtic/Gallic alliance. Anything, anything with them will make me happy. Some possibilities might be:
- It's been a long, grueling dark show/PPV/24 hours in airport purgatory. Our duo gets to the hotel and starts bickering over the TV channel, the bed by the window, who showers first, you get the picture. One thing leads to another, and...
- Domestic rivalries. Whose country does breakfast better: breakfast fry or continental breakfast? Or if drinking, stout versus wine. Cesaro likes cooking, but what does Sheamus think of his attempts? Is the way to Sheamus's heart through his stomach?
- I would love something involving all the languages these two speak between them. Does Sheamus teach Cesaro to curse in Gaelic? Does Cesaro try wooing him (or insulting him!) in French or Italian or... Do they bond over being able to talk smack at the rest of the roster without the other guys being able to understand?



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