And onward!

02 - a song you like with a number in the title
  Pixies - No. 13 Baby
  That outro. That outro. That outro. That outro.

06 - a song that makes you want to dance
  Members of Mayday - Sonic Empire
  Twenty years after I first heard it, this track still blows my mind.

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From: [personal profile] i_am_zan

Oh gosh! The Pixies too!???

Do you also listen to groups like Bjork's 'Sugarcubes', among others like ... I dunno, Sister's of Mercy, and Jesus & Mary Chain? Of course there are the more 'popular'(?) bands that were more 'mainstream' like Depeche Mode (that I love) and The Cure, and the Smiths - for me a lot of 'classic' music. ^_^

(I recall that hubby thought I was a total Goth chick when we met but on the day he decided to introduce me to his other Goth friends ... which he didn't warn me about - I turned up in a bright pink t-shirt and pink leggings. I think he still feels cheated to this day. ^_^ )

I'm really enjoying your music picks because it truly is a walk down memory lane.



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