Thank you for writing a Queen's Thief story for me! I can't wait to read your fic. I love all the books and am excited about reading anything set anywhere before, during, or after any of them: I'm very much a go-in-blind reader, so if you have fic ideas already, please jump right in with those. My short list of DNWs, longer list of kinks, and some possible prompts for each request are behind the cut tags.

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Aaaand I go out with a fizzle, posting the final two songs almost a week behind schedule.

29 - a song you remember from your childhood
  Dire Straits – Money for Nothing
  In aggregate, I've probably listened to this song more than any other in my life. This is the album version, but the four minute music video is also well worth watching.

30 - a song that reminds you of yourself
  Poe - Control



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