I saw Wonder Woman today. It is as good as everyone says it is. You could have been first out the gate with a female superhero movie, Marvel, but you're gonna have a hell of a time catching up now.

Also, here are two songs.

10 - a song that makes you sad
  Polica - Wandering Star
  The 2013 iTunes Festival recording is the definitive version for me in terms of lyrics and delivery, but the album cut is damn good too.

11 - a song that you never get tired of
  PJ Harvey - Yuri-G
  As far as Clearchannel and MTV were concerned, "women in rock" was Sarah McLaughlin and Jewel and Lisa Loeb, and I wanted no part of it. Then I came across a reference to Harvey's "axe-wielding bitch cow" quote in a magazine and bought her album without having heard a song, and it changed everything.



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