And come tomorrow, I'll be caught up!

03 - a song that reminds you of summer
  A Perfect Circle – The Hollow
  Oddly enough, most of my strong seasonal song associations are either for spring or winter, but I do have wonderful memories of a summer day spent driving down back roads to multiple nurseries, the car loaded down with platts of herbs, with Mer De Noms cranked up full blast.

07 - a song to drive to
  Adam Massacre – Glorious Domination
  Three minutes 45 seconds of the best face-melting chorus Freddie Mercury has ever channeled from beyond the grave. I may frequently put this one on repeat as I drive to work in the morning.

What I Just Finished Reading

The Devil's Feast – MJ Carter
Just as good the second time around. When is the next volume out, again?

What I Am Currently Reading

The Windfall – Diksha Basu
This is an utterly delightful and entertaining novel. Basu has an Austen-like eye for teasing out the absurdities and humor in the way her characters' desires and insecurities put them at cross-purposes to each other, and I love that there's no villain per se, just a variety of human beings being fallibly human.

The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom – John Pomfret
Still truckin.'

The Souls of China – Ian Johnson
Johnson is an excellent writer.

Deathless – Catheryne Valente
Thus far, this book is also a gem. Valente has the formula for writing a fairytale in novel form down cold. It's otherworldly and compelling and frequently creepy, and it does all of these things so subtly and so well. If she keeps this up, Deathless is going to rank among the top five novels I've read thus far this year.

What I'm Reading Next
Grogginess has slowed me down, so I'll probably just continue working on the volumes I've got in progress now.



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