What I Just Finished Reading

Two months' of back issues of four magazines, and the WaPo and WSJ. Subscriptions are destroying my ability to novel.

What I Am Currently Reading

The Devil's Feast – MJ Carter
Still rereading, and enjoying catching more little character nuances I didn't fully note the first time around.

Every Heart a Doorway – Seanan McGuire
Woah, this got very dark in a way I'd not seen coming, but I like it when novels surprise like that.

Clariel – Garth Nix
We're really starting to get some intimations that all in the capital is not as rosy as it may first appear. I am very much intrigued.

The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom – John Pomfret
I wish my ARC copy contained the color plates. And yes, still truckin'.

The Wasting of Borneo – Alex Shoumatoff
Shoumatoff is a passionate and engaging writer, but his naivete can grate. To wit: “The Dalai Lama didn't remember me when I went to see him again several years after a two-hour private audience with him” but the second time Shoumatoff visits the elephant Bubbles at a commercial exotic animal reserve, the elephant “immediately zooms in on me...wraps her trunk around me and pulls me to her breast and raises her right foot for me to rest on. [Her handler] tells me later he's only seen her do this three times...” To Shoumatoff's mind, this is confirmation of his unique understanding of human-animal bonds that have been forsaken by the majority of humanity. Whereas this skeptical reader thinks it more to do with the fact that Bubbles is a captive, trained animal with 27 years of cinema and circus shows behind her, whose handlers saw a mark and a golden opportunity to generate good PR for their $250-a-head show at their “unusual and controversial operation, which, it has to be said, is not held in high regard by the animal-rights community.”

What I'm Reading Next
Thick As Thieves. Thick As Thieves. Thick As Thieves. Thick As Thieves. And that's how I'll be spending my long weekend.



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