What I Just Finished Reading

The WaPo, the WSJ, and a bunch of monthly magazines.

What I Am Currently Reading

Summerlong – Peter Beagle
I bought this on the strength of a vaguely remembered WaPo review. Seventy-odd pages in the writing is solid, but I'm not sure the set-up (man in his late fifties and lover 15 years his junior are awestruck by mysterious woman in her early 20s and invite her into their home) is going to be my cup of tea.

The Devil's Feast – MJ Carter
Taking this second read at a much slower pace and still very much enjoying it.

Japan and Korea – Frank Carpenter
Carpenter's dismissal of women as anything beyond pretty objects continues unabated, his comments on Japanese cuisine are groan-worthy, and his chapters on Nagoya and Kyoto left me crushingly nostalgic for both cities.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet – Charlie Holmberg
Holmberg's writing gets better with each novel and it's a joy to watch.

Ugly Koreans, Ugly Americans – Min Byoung-chul
This week's passages on the idiosyncrasies of some Korean drivers were cathartic.

Uprooted – Naomi Novik
Hands down my favorite Snape fanfic.

The Perfect Dictatorship – Stein Ringen
Ringen's observations are worthwhile, but I have trouble focusing on them given his clunky writing.

What I'm Reading Next
Whatever strikes my fancy from the backlog of in progress reads I've got going on right now.



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