What I Just Finished Reading

Moranifesto – Caitlin Moran
Moran is at her best writing about politics, social issues, and feminisim, and luckily there's far more of that here than in Moranology (which I've read and of which I remember precisely nothing). There are some fluff pop culture pieces here, but they're in the minority; the rest is Moran's incisive and blistering commentary, and it's a pleasure to read.

What I Am Currently Reading

The Original Dream – Nukila Amal
Some more very dreamscape-y sequences about the gulfs that open up between parents and their adult children. It's good stuff, but needs to be digested in small doses.

The Devil's Feast – MJ Carter
I held off for a few weeks, but predictably, I am rereading because it was so. Damn. Good.

What Your Financial Advisor Isn't Telling You – Liz Davidson
People watch reality TV to hate on the cast and I read financial advice books to hate on the authors for their dissembling. To wit: if the example you give in chapter 1 for why people need to invest in retirement accounts is the same example you give in chapter 3 on how to identify bogus criminal advisors, what does that say about the merits of the retirement system writ large?

Journey into Mystery vol. 1 – Kieron Gillen et al.
Gillen knows how to write exposition that doesn't read like exposition and, along with the excellent roster of artists here, how to convey frightening violence effectively. Farction and Kirkman could learn a thing or two from this book.

Ugly Koreans, Ugly Americans – Min Byoung-chul
Contentwise, there's nothing unfamiliar to me here, but it's a nice way to crosswalk how various social concepts are expressed in English versus Korean.

The Perfect Dictatorship – Stein Ringen
Interesting so far, but Ringen has a tendency to rephrase the same idea over and over and over within a single paragraph.

Hindi Script – Rupert Snell
Dear gods, this appears to be happening.

What I'm Reading Next
Will likely just keep chipping away at this pile or the unfinished volumes from weeks prior.



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