What I Just Finished Reading

Nothing this week either, unless you count a ton of newspapers and magazines.

What I Am Currently Reading

Japan and Korea – Frank Carpenter
We've moved on to the government, which is particularly interesting because it's a contemporary account and I'm used to reading postwar histories.

The Strangler Vine – M.J. Carter
Finished except for the historical afterword (which in Carter's novels is nigh indistinguishable from her dialogue).

10% Happier – Dan Harris
This is the second time I've read this book and it holds up quite well indeed. Harris' narrative is honest and funny, and along with Batchelor, his explanation of the mechanics of meditation is as good as any you'll find in a secular volume.

The Lies of Locke Lamora – Scott Lynch
It's hard to enjoy a fantasy set in the Islamic State, which this novel essentially is, with its public hangings, drownings, exsanguinations, and torture-as-public-entertainment. Then we have the well-respected religious leaders who are actually frauds fleecing their gullible congregations for all they're worth (realistic, yes, but I want fantasy from my fantasy reading). Then we have the titular Locke Lamora and his gang of Gentleman Bastards, who rob the rich so they can...pile the money up in their hidey-hole because they have precisely zero use for it. And this makes them different from the obnoxiously privileged elites they're robbing, how? It's as if Lynch expects me to cheer for these characters merely because they are the main characters...but so far they're just as odious as everyone else they've encountered. I hope some character development is in store in the latter two-thirds of the book.

Don't Be A Jerk – Brad Warner
Warner is currently giving his take on the Bendowa and where it fits in Dogen's overall corpus. I'm still very much enjoying this one.

The Light and Shadow Tarot – Brian Williams & Michael Goepferd
Working through the twos and aces this week.

What I'm Reading Next
If my delivery isn't delayed (and I hope, hope, hope it's not) Carter's The Devil's Feast.



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